Autogamer Studio

We are excited to announce the release of Autogamer Studio, you can think of it almost as our self titled debut, to give you an idea what to expect in the future.

Autogamer Studio is a development environment that allows the end user to develop scripts to automate virtually any task, in virtually any PC game. Scripts can range from a simple task in a game, to a fully featured AFK bot that can do endless things while you are sleeping, at work or whatever other spontaneous and fulfilling activities are on your agenda. It supports multiple programming languages and also it’s native event syntax “AGS”. So it makes anything possible-

Autogamer is very safe. It does not use any hacks or illegal methods to attach itself to games. Although it is very safe to use, it may be against the terms of service of certain games, and it is best that you read and understand the terms of the game in question.
Autogamer Studio is very easy to use, and does not take much of a learning curve to get the hang of it. Within minutes you can have your very first script created and ready to run.

Autogamer Studio includes two separate applications:

The Studio

The studio is where all the scripts will be developed and debugged, Also known as the heart of Autogamer Studio(depending on how you look at it).

Some of the features included in the studio:

  • Ability to record live gameplay, then Autogamer Studio will convert the recording into a fully editable syntax.
  • Simple and easy to learn event syntax known as AGS.
  • Supports multiple programming languages, so you can learn the art of programming while gaining satisfaction at the same time. Cool! For more information on what languages are supported, keep on reading.
  • Easy to use and interactive User Interface, developed to make complicated things seem easy.
  • Supports drag and drop from the event list, into the script.
  • Built in syntax auto-completion. Will display a list of syntax that corresponds to what has been typed.
  • Users can add an unlimited number of breakpoints in a script to autopause the script and step into it while debugging.
  • Other than recording events and scripts, users can launch the detached mode, this allows for the user to manually add events into their scripts while they are in game, with minimal spacial obstruction from the UI.
  • Supports multiple plug-ins.
  • Code syntax highlighting.
  • Improved output and error reporting.
  • AGS is completely safe. It does not use any hacks at all to attach itself to games.
  • Ability to only play a selected portion of code, for testing purposes.
  • Pixel Detection- This enables users to add logic into their scripts so that every time the script executes it can check the game for certain pixel colors in a specified location, this adds some AI into the script to make a decision on what code it should execute next if does or doesn’t find it. It allows a shade variation to be inputed into its parameters in-case of loss of color due to different monitors, or changes in the games enviroment.
  • Pixel Finder Tool – This easily allows the user to determine the location and pixel they wan’t their code to compare against. It then generates the code and inserts it into your script.
  • Image recognition – Similar to pixel detection, when included in the script it will check the screen at certain points in the script for an image and will execute the corresponding events depending on the result. The user can select a path to the cropped screenshot and also can set an optional location on the screen to search for the image.
  • Built in screen grabber tool. This allows the user to conveniently take a screenshot of a selected part of the screen and save it, to include into the script. It can also snag rectangular coordinates to be input into the image recognition syntax.
  • Many more features are included in the studio.

Programming languages supported.

One of the powerful features built into the core of Autogamer Studio is it’s ability to parse multiple programming languages. Not only this but it also allows for the user to implement as many of these languages as they want all in the same script. Users can access Microsoft .net libraries and objects within their scripts using all supported languages(excluding AGS). These languages are currently supported:




Autogamer Event Syntax (AGS)

The loader(Autogamer Live)

The loader is the other application in the Autogamer Studio Development Kit. It allows for the playback of your published scripts. It includes all of the same scripting/language features that is included in the studio.

  • You can add any script into the loader, it then parses the script and plays the game for you just as if it was you.
  • Parses all scripts and languages supported no matter how complex.
  • Lightweight application that runs from the tray, designed to minimize lag
  • Plays preview scripts from Autogamer Studio
  • Includes an optional built in Watchdog. This monitors attached game for possible crashes. Once a crash is detected it will stop running the script, re-launch the game and run a Watchdog script(Usually a script to log back into your on-line account). After the watchdog script has completed it will start running your normal script.
  • Many more features are being tested for the next release.


    Due to copyright, and license agreements screenshots have been removed. To see Autogamer Studio in game download the free trial.